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I’ve been Expo-tized!

July 28, 2008

With my publicist in tow and carrying an armload full of supplies, I attended the Hispanic Expo down at the Oklahoma City Fairgrounds. We had been invited to share a booth with Phil Tolbert, manager of the Capitol Hill Library. At 10:30, things were already hopping and parking was getting tight. Inside the enormous Travel and Transportation building, festivities were in full swing.

I noticed right away that the acoustics were not suited for reading out loud. A children’s librarian tried vainly to gather some little kids to her side for a story, but they were hypnotized by balloons, mariachi music, and giveaways: free books from the Metropolitan Library System, food samples from Buy For Less, backpacks, frisbees, clappers, pens, pencils, keychains, even assorted spices.

I knew then and there that we’d have to do something different.

We used our three hours to visit with children, pass out freebies from the library, and network with teachers who happened to drop by. I stood in line for a free tamale and a couple of delicious chicken tacos. I even picked up some spices. Who could resist?

One of these days, I’m going to read a chapter of my book. My publicist managed to get the chapter on Rufino Rodrigues translated into Spanish. Perhaps we’ll be able to afford to translate the whole thing into Spanish.

“No fue mucho.” Pretty cool, eh?