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Hausburg Inked for Author Visit at Overholser Elementary in OKC

January 13, 2009

Jana Hausburg will make an author visit at Putnam City’s Overholser Elementary on February 26th. Fourth and fifth graders will be treated to the stories of really heroic Oklahomans, including OKC socialite Felicia Daughtery who almost single-handedly orchestrated the Red Cross’ rescue of ill and recuperative Oklahoma Cityans during the Spanish influenza epidemic in the fall of 1918 and Rufiono Rodrigues who saved almost 150 miners form a fire in Lehigh. Rufino’s story is currently showcased in a show case at the Oklahoma History Center, where a few momentos of Oklahoma mining days so well explained in Jana’s book. 20% of book sales will to help fund resources for Overholser’s school library.