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A day at Mustang High School, part 1

April 16, 2009

On March 10th I had the opportunity to talk to students at Mustang High School about my book and my journey. It’s the first time I’ve talked to teenagers, and I was a little nervous.


My oldest used to listen to a band called My Chemical Romance, and loved a song called “Teenagers.” With those lyrics ringing in my head, I agreed to speak to all of Mrs. Chavez’s classes. It was a long and challenging day, and my voice started to give out during 3rd Period. But I persevered. It was really worth it, because I pushed myself beyond my comfort zone and the kids were great.


Before my visit, Mrs. Chavez picked three chapters for the students to read: Stanley Rother, Felicia Daugherty and Rufino Rodrigues. After my visit, they were asked to write an essay.


Some examples from their writings:


I learned that there are a lot more heroes that enrich Oklahoma’s history than the ones everyone knows about. I also learned that sometimes small acts of kindness can make a really big person.


I feel inspired to stand up for myself.


I learned through this activity that there are plenty of heroes we can look up to, outside of athletes, celebrities or our families …


From the author’s presentation, I learned that I may change my mind about what I want to do in life but nothing is impossible.


…always stand up for what you believe in and be who you are. I also learned that I should do something that I love and money isn’t everything.


People need to know about people other than celebrities that come from Oklahoma.


…full of interesting facts.


…never underestimate yourself or anyone else.


…sometimes even the littlest acts go a long way.


Heroes are made, not born.


What really surprised me were their impressions of me. But I’ll have to share those in another posting.